July 12, 2011

BATMAN LIVE POSTERS and BILLBOARDS Popping-Up in the UK & France!

With the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour opening pretty soon in the UK ( The very 1st show, I think, starts next month ) the advertising hype is starting! Shown here, in the very 1st photo, is the Official Marquee Poster that will appear in front of theaters. Then, in the 2nd pic, is a French Advertising Poster at a Bus Stop Terminal in Paris, France. Then, a HUGE Giant-Sized Vinyl Billboard in Liverpool, England! ( Please click on it, it's a really BIG Photo ) WOW! OK, I'm asking all of our friends who live in Europe to please send us some photos of this kinda stuff when you see it. You guys get to experience this event a full year before we Americans do & I'm totally jealous, ha!

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