June 7, 2011

VIDEO - Sneak Peek of BATMAN: YEAR ONE, New DC Universe Animated Film

In this promo, finally, we get to see some of the ideas about the next DC Universe Animated Film, BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Of course it's an adaptation of Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli's classic Graphic Novel. The Animation Team seems to really want to be true to the original source. In this sneak peek we get introduced to many of the Voice Actors, many are excellent choices. I just wish we could see more "cartoon clips" of the actual DVD product, but this is a teaser so I guess we'll have to wait.

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1 comment:

Cult Posters said...

I don't like the art at all.
Tries to be "modern". What makes year One such a fantastic comic book is the unique art of David Mazzucchelli, a complete and deeply skilled artist, like there are almost none today, an artist capable of canalizing the influence of such Fine Art titans like Noel Sickles.
Such making the graphic novel look like a true golden age comic.
The transitions from Gordon comic to animated Gordon show clearly what i mean.