June 14, 2011

Ryan's Insane BATMAN MEMORABILIA & TOY Collection!

One of the things I love about collecting Batman stuff is that over the last 40+ years they have made a TON of merchandise that you can hunt down. So, you can never "have it all" or, in other words, you can collect it forever! It's sort of the main inspiration for me creating the Bat-Blog. Then, speaking of this site one thing I really love is connecting with other Bat-Collectors. I always like seeing other people's stuff, what they have & how it's displayed.

Shown here are a few photos of "Ryan's Batcave". as you can see he has some extremely awesome Batman Toys, Action Figures, Collector Plates, Statues, Framed Art Prints, Posters, etc... even a 1989 BATMAN MOVIE Video Game Vending Machine ( my favorite piece! ). Well, I really like the "Animated Series" Collector Plates too. Ryan seems to have focused a lot on the items from the WB Store. We used to have one here where I live & I really miss it. They had a lot of high-quality items. Well, anyway, please check out all the cool pics and I wanna thank Ryan for sharing his personal Bat-Collection, it's very very cool!

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