May 14, 2011

Vintage Batman Toys - Cheesy Carded Rack Toys From The 70's

If you have ever read the Bat-Blog for a few days or longer then you know I love the Batman Toys, ha! I like everything from the 60's all the way to today. But the stuff that's the most special to me is the merchandise made in the 1970's. You see, I was born in 1964 so I remember most of the bat-products on the shelves around that time. I guess you could say they were "the toys of my childhood". So, I'm sort of nostalgic for them. Now, in the 70's there was a "retail-marketing thing" called RACK TOYS. They were usually extremely cheesy plastic toys that were sold inside a clear bubble-pack on a thin-cardboard header card.

You would see them all the time at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, & especially 7-Eleven! They were inexpensive & some modern-day Toy Collectors call them "Shut-Up Toys". You know, you would whine that you wanted it & Mom would say, "OK, here, get this one & be quiet!", ha ha! So, this post is dedicated to those wonderful collectibles from the past. Most of the photos are pretty self-explanatory so I'll just let you check them out. Also, if you have any special memories of this stuff then please share.

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Paul Gendron said...

I had that pencil sharpener! problem was i was a bit of a perfectionist and thought "Batman wouldn't have an oversized red batarang!" So I peeled off the red batarang sticker and painted it black with model kit paint. Same reason I scraped the flesh-colored paint off the neck of my Burger King Super-Powers collection Batman cup holder.