May 16, 2011

Video - Vintage BATMAN TOY TV Commercial - Kenner's Sparkle Paints Play Set

Down below is an awesome Vintage 1960's Toy TV Commercial for the 1966 BATMAN AND SUPERMAN SPARKLE PAINTS Play Set made by Kenner Toys! It also includes an advertisement for another Kenner's Product, the See-A-Show! Now, up above I've included a reference photo of a different Kenner SPARKLE PAINT SET. This one featured just Batman. These babies are extremely RARE to find now a days because, back in the day, kids totally destroyed them, ha! I wish I had one of these because I totally love the vintage graphics on the original boxes.
CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

1 comment:

CM said...

WOW - I had the sparkle paint sets... it wasn't a brush, but this plastic stick! WAY COOL, wish I had kept them all :)