May 6, 2011

Reminder - FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is Saturday, May 7th

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This is when you can hit your favorite Comic Book Retail Store ( or Public Library, in some cities ) and pick-up some free comics!! Now, this year there will be 2 books you will want to pick-up that are sort of Batman-related. The 1st one is a "Young Justice / Batman: The Brave and The Bold" issue. This book features stories with characters from each Cartoon Network animated TV series. The 2nd one is totally wacky & comes from Bluewater Productions, "The Mis-Adventures of Adam West". Reading it, I know he mentions the Batman character from time to time but it really is more about Mr. West himself. It's kind of wacky too, ha! For a list of ALL the free books they're gonna have be sure to click HERE! Also, while you're there, you can click on a book's cover & then read a sample of it online ( Read some of the "Adam West" one to get an idea of it ).

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