May 1, 2011

New BACK ISSUE! Magazines To Celebrate BRONZE-AGE BATMAN

Hey Bat-Fans, Here are some cool Batman-related Magazines to keep an eye out for in the near future! BACK ISSUE! Magazine ( TwoMorrows Publishing ) will be celebrating Batman with 2 special issues:

BACK ISSUE # 50 ( Release Date: July 20th, 2011 ) is a special 50th Anniversary issue spotlighting “Batman in the Bronze Age”, with the entire issue in FULL-COLOR! DENNY O’NEIL, NEAL ADAMS, and PAUL LEVITZ discuss Batman in the 1970's and beyond in a “Pro2Pro” round table. Also, In Praise of JIM APARO, Batman’s Unsung Creators (DAVID V. REED, BOB BROWN, ERNIE CHAN, and JOHN CALNAN), Joker’s Daughter, the Batman Family, Nocturna, Untold Legend of the Batman, Batman collected editions, Batman in the early 1980s, and Dark Knight. With art by and/or commentary from JOHN BYRNE, GENE COLAN, GERRY CONWAY, DOUG MOENCH, FRANK MILLER, DON NEWTON, LEN WEIN, and more. Featuring a beautifully Bronze Batman and Robin cover by Jim Aparo! Edited by MICHAEL EURY. 84 pages, full-color throughout, $8.95. (Note: price increase is for this one, full-color issue only.)

BACK ISSUE # 51 ( August 17th, 2011 ) is an “All-Interview Issue”! Continuing from the pages of Alter Ego #103 is Part 2 of an exclusive interview with writer STEVE ENGLEHART. Also: “Pro2Pro” with WALTER SIMONSON & ERIK LARSEN, DOUG MOENCH & LEN WEIN, and comics letterers TODD KLEIN & JANICE CHIANG; plus JOHN OSTRANDER and the final interview with longtime DC color artist ADRIENNE ROY, who passed away in December 2010. Featuring as our cover one of the last Batman illustrations produced by the late MARSHALL ROGERS, Englehart’s partner on Detective Comics! Edited by MICHAEL EURY. 84 pages with 16-page COLOR section, $7.95.

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