May 7, 2011

Brad's Awesome BATMAN AND JOKER Statue Collection

I recently received some very nice photos from a fellow Batman Collector named Brad ( Be sure to click on them for larger, more detailed, pics ). He has a really great Batman Statue Collection. Now, there were a ton of photos so I'm just showing a few right now, and later I will post the rest. But I'm putting them in categories, so they make sense, so don't worry. These pics focus mainly on the Batman: Black and White statues. Then, there's a few other busts & random statues... all great stuff! I think it's really neat to see a lot of the B&W figures all together. They always make an interesting display. My next post will focus on his Joker Collection so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here's some great stuff to drool over, ha! ( Thanks to Brad for sharing, YOU ROCK, Sir! )

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