April 28, 2011

Wacky Silly Funny BATMAN HUMOR - Ha Ha!

To brighten your day I thought I would post a few BATMAN-related Humor photos & Pictures. Now, don't thank me because most of these have been sent in by Bat-Blog Fans who totally ROCK! I've always said that if my blog is any good at all then it's because of the readership. For some reason a lot of people have really embraced the spirit of this site that I have tried to create from the very start & that is that the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about the love of the character & the joys of collecting. So, to everybody who has contributed stuff and to everyone who enjoys the site, Thank You.


david_b said...

I lived in Germany for a few years for the US Army around '89, and a German book store had a HUGE 3'x5' vinyl poster of the 'Dark Knight' cover.. It was incredible, but after a year or so, it just started tearing, it was hard to maintain..


Moni Bolis said...

The Riddler joke is my favorite