April 22, 2011

Photos of New - BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - Due Around April 29th

The Bat-Blog was one of the very 1st websites to announce that the next Happy Meal Toys at McDonalds were going to be "Batman: The Brave and The Bold". Well, here are the photos of what the toys are going to look like! There are a TON of them to collect! Be sure to click on the pic up above for a larger version. ( Thanks for sending the photo Batmobilly! )

Here's the deal, with each meal you get 3 toys. Yes, you read that right, THREE toys, ha! There will be 8 waves of 3 toys each, making that 24 toys total! It also breaks down as 4 vehicles & 20 figures, whew! Now, we're not quite sure of their size just yet but I'm guessing they'll be way smaller than regular McDonald's Happy Meal Toys. But either way these look extremely cool! Oh yeah, these should be coming out around April 29th, 2011.

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Nagham said...

I know this sounds totally random, but is there any way to get hold of combination #6 (or 1 or 4)? I lost the batman from that combo and I'm pretty bummed about it.