April 16, 2011

New HUGE Art Bust Statue - Homer Simpson as Batman, The Dark Knight!

While searching "Batman Statues" on eBay the other night I can across this "Homer Batman" one that is both pretty cool & very clever. Now, I don't know if it's an actual licensed product so I'm not going to completely endorse it ( Plus, I don't know anything about the quality of the item ). But I thought I would share it as "Batman News" because this thing is awesome! It's basically a super giant-size bust of Homer Simpson dressed as the Dark Knight! As a side-note, these are the guys who also sell a Complete Set of Life-Size Justice League of America Statues ( We're showing the Batman one as an example ). Oh yeah, they also make one of Mickey Mouse Statue which is obviously NOT Batman-related but I think it's extremely cool!

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ozz said...

Cool stuff, the Homer Bat and the life-size Batman.