April 3, 2011

John's BATMAN LOGO Coffee Table - Custom Art Furniture

OK, I'm officially jealous, very JEALOUS! This photo comes from a friend on Facebook who recently got this extremely cool Custom Art BATMAN Coffee Table! His name is John & he just received this Masterpiece of Art from a friend named Dave. John says that Dave made this out of totally recycled parts, basically, materials he found. It's an oval-shaped table with a BATMAN LOGO Bat-Symbol shape carved out of the top's center. It looks like John has installed a focused spotlight up above that casts a shadow on the floor of a BAT under the piece of furniture. Yes, it's also a bat-signal!!! ( Thanks John for sharing this groovy pic, this is a totally GREAT piece. Also, please share with Dave that we think he's a True Artist ).


Ed "ICE" Berg said...

I'm jealous too! :-) Very Cool! Ed "ICE" Berg

David said...

Wow! You know, I have seen this in person, and as nice as it looks in the picture, it is even nicer in person!

Benjamin said...

OMG! This is one of the coolest tables! I'm not even that much of a fan of Batman, but the concept of the bat shadow totally blows me away for a piece of furniure. I think the laser-etched steel is pretty cool too!