April 14, 2011

Batman News - Teacher in New Jersey Inspires Children Using "VOWEL-BAT" Song!

Here at the Bat-Blog we have a good friend named Lisa ( AKA "BatChick" ) who is a popular Kindergarten Teacher in New Jersey ( See Photo ). For her annual teacher's review last week she incorporated the catchy YouTube "VOWEL-BAT" song, by educator/singer Shari Sloane, into her 3 hour presentation. Dressed in almost full bat-costume for her class, the presentation was a huge hit!! The song proved to be so popular with the kids as a learning tool that the other Teachers in Lisa's school are using it in their classrooms now. You can listen to the song down below but I gotta warn you, it's totally mind-numbing, ha! But, if it teaches Children to learn vowels, become better writers & maybe love reading....then I approve!
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