March 19, 2011

John's Custom BATMAN Action Figure Photos

Check out these cool pics! These photos were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named John who loves to create Custom-Made Action Figures of his favorite Batman characters. Just check out the one he made of The Riddler, AWESOME! Then, if you study the other pics, you'll also see Batman, Bane, Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, The Joker, & Mr. Freeze! I think they are all very well done, good job John & thanks for sharing the pictures. If any other Bat-Blog Readers out there have any fun things to share about our favorite Dark Knight then please do so.


John said...

Xavier would love to make figures like this. Where do you go to learn how to customize figures? Do you work from other figures or from scratch?

CABE said...

Nice toys! I wish I had some of these growing up. Maybe I would have been a better villain.

Anonymous said...

Xavier, It just takes practice. I started about three years ago making figures that I wanted in my collection. As I got better,I remade alot of what I started with and made new versions. I generally start with figures from Marvel Universe and G.I.Joe lines but If I see a figure that will work for a customm I work with that. Generally I purchase the heads for my customs at a fan made store callled,Slayer design studios. They have really helped me with my hobby withb there custom made parts and accessories.