March 30, 2011

International BATMAN Comic Books - Photo Reference

I was recently surprised by a wonderful email from a Bat-Blog Fan named Marc. He lives in Germany & loves to collect "international Batman Comics". He sent us some photos from his comic book collection & they're a total joy to see. Basically, they're a few issues he has where he shows different variations from different countries. We get to see books in many foreign languages: German, English, French, Spanish, etc... The interesting thing is that sometimes they create whole new artwork for the cover. The "BATMAN: GOTHAM NOIR" Graphic Novel is the perfect example of that. I wanna thank Marc for taking the time to shoot these pics, I appreciate that. If any other Bat-Blog Readers have interesting things about their comic book or toy collections that you would like to share then please do. The main focus of the Bat-Blog is the joys of being a Bat-Fan & Collector.

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