March 6, 2011

DESMOND DOOMSDAY, The Blog All About 1966 BATMAN TV Producer William Dozier

I recently came across a very interesting website called DESMOND DOOMSDAY. It's a blog all about the life of William Dozier & his company, Greenway Productions. In Bat-History, he was the Executive Producer/Creator of the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. ( The photo posted here shows him with Actors Adam West & Burt Ward ). He also produced The Green Hornet series and the short-lived Dick Tracy. The blog has a lot of fun photos, video, and interviews. but the best part are all the Audio Clips featuring his voice. You see, he did the voice over work for the Batman TV Show. Stuff like, "Tune In Tomorrow, Same Bat-Time... Same Bat-Channel!" Here's a link to the site, just click HERE!

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