March 2, 2011

BATMAN Golden Age Comic Book Artist JERRY ROBINSON Launches Website!

The BAT-BLOG is extremely proud to announce that the Legendary Comic Book Artist Jerry Robinson has just launched a brand-new personal website! There's a Biography, a Store, & many different galleries that each focus on his Original Comic Book Art, Drawings, Photography, Fine Art, Comic Strip Work, etc... it's extremely well done. Now of course all Super-Serious BATMAN Fans know about Mr. Robinson's major contributions to the Batman Universe. He created the greatest Villain ever, The Joker! He co-created Robin, The Boy Wonder! He was right there in the beginning and he drew a lot of the famous BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS Golden Age Covers ( see up above )! Seriously, this guy is an ICON! In fact, Jerry is known in the comic book world as "The Ambassador of Comics". Here's the link where you can visit his website, just click HERE!

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