March 17, 2011

Auction News - Frank Miller BATMAN AND ROBIN Drawing

In "Batman Auction News" this week there was a special item on eBay that ended recently, some Frank Miller original artwork of BATMAN AND ROBIN as they appeared in his famous 1980's Graphic Novel, The Dark Knight Returns. It was drawn on DC Comics comic book cover stock paper ( measuring 12" X 17" ). Frank Miller sketched it in 1990 as a special 75th birthday gift to former DC Comics Editor Julius "Julie" Schwartz. This is a fully penciled and inked art illustration with a signed inscription from Miller on it, to Julius. The artwork is just totally wonderful, a great piece. The auction ended the other night at a closing bid around $11,300.00... WOW! I mean, who has that kind of money? Ha! But regardless of the price, it looks awesome & also has the bonus of having a lot of historical significance. Plus, I love that Robin is the "Carrie Kelley" version.


The Carrie Kelley Fan Series Blog said...

God knows I LOVE this!!

ozz said...

I know I'm in the minority here, but I just don't think the artwork TDKR is very good.