March 12, 2011

Amazing Photos of BATMAN Statue, Action Figures, & Toy Collection From The Philippines

OK, I have been meaning to post these photos of this amazing Batman Toy Collection for a very long time, but around the time I got them I was having some major issues with my email programs. So, to make a long story short, I don't have the name of this Toy Collector, I'm sorry. So today I decided to post these wonderful pics anyway. because they do sort of speak for themselves. Shown here is an incredible display of Batman Statues, Action Figures, & other Toys. This Collector lives in the Philippines& did an amazing job displaying all his stuff. I totally love the shelving here, very impressive. The 1st photo shows an over-all shot of the display area. Then, in all the other photos we get to see each individual shelf. I kept those pics pretty BIG so if you click on them you can see way more detail. This is some nice stuff!! I wanna thank the guy who sent these pics & also apologize to him for taking so long to get thee up ( Hey, please contact me, ha! ). Note: I also have some more photos from the same guy but because of space limitations I will present those later... Stay tuned because they're pretty cool too! Also, if any other Batman Fans out there have any fun pics to share then please do!


Neku Sakuraba said...

i love batman figure... is cool

Paul Gendron said...

What a great collection; quite the investment. A few comments:

- Batman Black & White is such an awesome collection.

- The Carmine Infantino Batman & Robin on rooftop should be, IMHO, displayed at an angle to look more like the quintessential source image.

- The 1940s Batmobile; is it the Corgi edition? I've seen it in blue, this one looks black, is it painted?

- Is that a Jim Lee bobblehead?

Thanks so much for sharing.

Needie said...

I am in awe, congratulations on an incredible collection. Two questions...
- What company put out the chessboard?, I have never seen this in Australia.
- What have you done with all of the packaging? I have a cupboard full of the stuff for all of my statues.

Anonymous said...

i know personally the owner of these awesome bats! he is very passionate in his collections and i admire him for that, he is one of my inspirations in collecting...a very nice guy and humble person, down to earth & very approachable :) more power to his bats as i always say hehehe cheers sir william :)

- vampyr PTK \m/

barbie said...

just wondering if ur interested in doing an exhibit for ur cool batman toys?