February 25, 2011

Steve's Cool Artwork Inspired by Batman's Carmine Infantino & 1966 TV Series

A few days ago we did a post here at the Bat-Blog that featured some artwork by 2 Graphic Artists who were recently inspired by Carmine Infantino's iconic drawing of Batman and Robin. Well, a few days later we received this art from a friend named Steve, who likes to draw, & he too was inspired by this same artwork. But his twist on it was he drew the characters to look like the 1966 TV Show. Plus, he also did a piece that is an homage to the Golden Age Comic Book, DETECTIVE COMICS # 27. But the thing that's cool about it is that he also made it look like some characters in the 1966 BATMAN TV Show, Adam West's Batman & Cesar Romero's Joker. Both pictures are pretty cool, check them out!! Oh yeah, just to refresh some Reader's memories I posted the classic cover to Det. Comics # 27. ( Thanks Steve )

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