February 28, 2011


The Bat-Blog always tries to be on top of what brand-new pieces of Batman merchandise are out there. I mean, we're pretty serious Bat-Collectors & this site shares a lot of info on New Toys & Products. The 1st photo is something that's available right now. In fact, this photo was sent in by a friend who had just returned from Wal-Mart. It's a Special BATMAN VS JOKER 2-Pack Action Figure Set. It's made by Mattel from a toy line called "Action League". They're done in a squatty-cartoonish style, a lot like the Brave and the Bold figures. But they're not from the cartoon. They're more like characters from the DC Universe ( The Comic Books ). Speaking of "Cartoons", the next pic shows another 2-pack, this one for YOUNG JUSTICE. These figures are not out yet but will be released later. This set has Batman and Robin, as they look in the TV Show ( very cool! ). Now, the last photo is an item that's been out awhile. It's the DC Comics 75th Anniversary BATMAN KUBRICK Figures Set. I've reported on these before but felt they were worth mentioning again because this pic shows how they were packaged. Which, I didn't know about and really like. The custom "windows" for each figure inside is neat. Plus, the box that opens to display them is pretty cool! I also like that they have the official logo next to each character... nice! One last thing, if you're a Bat-Blog Reader who is also a Batman Toy Collector then please let us know what brand-new items you see out there in the retail stores. It doesn't have to be toy-related either, just "anything Batman"... Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog but HATE those types of figures. I will never own the Anime look nor the kiddie superheroes. Can't stand em!