February 7, 2011

NEW BATMAN TOY NEWS - DC Universe Mini Mez-itz 2 Packs and Batman Mini Mezitz with Batmobile

Here are some brand-new BATMAN TOYS to keep an eye out for a few months from now, around late July 2011. Mezco Toyz will be introducing some Mini Mez-Itz Superhero Characters from the DC Universe such as Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern. Mini Mez-Itz are 2" collectibles that are cool by design. All Mini Mez-Itz feature five points of articulation and are packaged together on a blister card. Each Mini Mez-itz figure will be sold as a 2-pack & will come with a matching Villain ( Joker, Mongul, & Sinestro ). Batman and The Joker are shown here. Next, Mezco Toyz will also be coming out with a Mini Mez-Itz Batman and Batmobile. Please keep in mind that these are all prototype production pictures & the toys might look a little different when they come out...but you get a good idea here!

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