February 23, 2011

Help ADAM WEST Get a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The photo up above of the ADAM WEST STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is fake. I made it using a photo-editing program by typing his name in a gold-colored font on top of a photo of an actual star, why? Because for some reason the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has, for all these years, denied Adam West of the honor. Well, right now a Film Maker, named James Tooley, is trying to complete a Documentary that will help Mr. West get accepted. But he needs money to finish the project so he started a Kickstarter project to gather donations. If you think West deserves a star then please donate. Donations can be as low as one dollar, but every little bit helps. Also, to see the quality of the "Starring Adam West" Documentary just watch the video down below. Oh yeah, here's the link to Kickstarter, just click HERE!

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