February 17, 2011

Has Anyone Seen This BATMAN 1970's Rain Coat?

I recently got a message from a guy named Steve who is searching for a piece of his childhood. Well, he's looking for a Batman Rain Coat that he had as a kid in the 1970's. He wrote me to see if I had any information but I have never seen this bat-product before. The cool thing, he made these 2 awesome drawings to represent what he's looking for. Yeah, he got into heavy detail here, ha! the Coat was made out of Heavy Black Latex Rubber & was sort of like a Poncho. It had a Bat-Cowl Hood with a Clear-Plastic Visor. On the back was a Large BATMAN Logo ( 1970's Style ) inside a Yellow Oval-Shape. So, has anybody ever seen this thing? If so then please let us know. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember seeing this in the early 70's. I didn't have one, but a kid in my preschool class did. I thought it was very cool. I don't recall it having a clear plastic visor, rather two round eye cut outs like a mask. I think they were part of an attached hat bill or something. I could be wrong, it was so long ago and I only saw it once or twice when it rained.