February 3, 2011

Cool BATMAN Cake for Noah's 13th Birthday

Check out this extremely cool BATMAN Birthday Cake!! These photos were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Scott. This awesome cake was for his son Noah, who just turned 13 ( Happy Birthday Noah! ) The cake has two levels. The bottom has graphics around it that looks like the skyline of Gotham City. The 2nd level features comic book "word balloons" with phrases like, "Pow!, Zing!, Boom!", and my favorite, "Holy Teenager Batman!". Then, on the top of the cake, there is a really great Batmobile!! Yes, this cake is a total Art Masterpiece. I wonder if Noah ate that car or kept it, ha! Thanks to both Scott & Noah for sharing their pics.

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Anonymous said...

i loveee batman... rawr hes the best i love all those cakes (happy)