January 5, 2011

Vintage BATMAN Toys - REMCO 2 Way Electromagnetic Battery Operated WRIST RADIOS

I saw this incredibly beautiful Vintage Batman Toy on eBay the other night & knew it had to be shared. This is the BATMAN 2 Way Electromagnetic Battery Operated WRIST RADIO Play Set made by Remco in 1966. Even thought the actual toy is kinda cheesy, the BOX graphics are totally awesome! Check out the photos & get ready to start drooling.


Steve CultTVman Iverson said...

Wow! I had these when I was a kid. Very vivid memories of this.

ozz said...

Check out the artwork again. Odd how the Batman has to remove his glove to use the radio, but Robin doesn't.

ozz said...

Nevermind. That's because Robin isn't actually wearing his on his wrist. Duh.