January 8, 2011

New Hot Wheels Batmobile Cars - 2010 Mexico Convention Exclusives

Here are some photos sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader who is collecting the Hot Wheels "2010 Mexico Convention" Cars ( Thanks Cam ). Basically, there was an event held in Mexico by Toy Collectors & Mattel sent some of their Designers who brought a ton of Exclusive Promo-Batmobile Cars. Here's a "Brave and The Bold" car with Mexican flag graphics, a VW Drag Bus with a mural painted on the side to create the illusion that the van is actually the 1966 Batmobile ( that one is pretty cool because it's kinda weird ), and, finally, another Chrome '66 Batmobile. It's crazy now how many different variations we have seen. In fact, here's a post we did awhile back with other Mexican Convention Batmobiles... Just click HERE!

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