January 14, 2011

New BATMAN GOLF CLUB COVERS Made by Creative Covers

Our friend, The BATFAN, sent us these wonderful photos of some brand-new Batman merchandise he recently added to his collection, BATMAN GOLF CLUB COVERS! They're made by a company called "Creative Covers" ( Link down below ). Basically there are 2 different sets. One set consists of Batman characters: The Dark Knight, Joker, Penguin, & Riddler that are sort of like Plush Animals. If I got the info correct I think they're about 24" long, that's pretty BIG! Then there are some that are standard head covers and they have a more modern-day BATMAN comic book logo on them. I'm not sure if these are made by Creative Covers because they're packaged for retail sale & look different. But all of these covers are really cool, especially the plush ones! I don't play Golf, but if I did, I would have to have these, ha ha! Oh yeah, for more info on where to find the plush ones, just click HERE!

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