January 10, 2011

New BATMAN and JOKER 1/6 Full Action Figures - Vintage Version

Here are some brand-new Batman Toys for Collectors to keep an eye out for. From the Takara Tomy EnterMedia company in Japan we get these two 12" BATMAN and The JOKER Action Figures, Vintage Version. I think what they mean by "Vintage Version" is that these figures look like they're from the 1980's ( or earlier ) because Batman is wearing his classic blue-gray-yellow outfit ( My favorite ).As a side note, before you totally fall in love with these new figures please keep in mind that they are going to be very very expensive.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Ahhh- those are cool! Yu think it's over and ten SOMEONE ELSE releases another Batman dolly you want- damn :D

Dene said...

I am SO scared that '80's is considered "vintage."



Anonymous said...

Is there a price and release date for these? Is there a way to pre order