January 9, 2011

Jason's BAT-MAN-CAVE Batman Toy Collection Room

Check out this amazing Man-Cave. I mean, Bat-Man-Cave! Our friend Jason sent us some wonderful photos awhile back of his Batman Toy Collection & in the process we got to see an extremely well-decorated room. At the time he sent these photos I was having major issues with my email server so most of the pics were ruined. Now, we get to see them in all their glory! You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating this room. Many posters/art prints are framed & look great on the wall. There are a few display cases featuring cool bat-toys. Then, there's the media center, which is nice, but I totally love the custom-made bat-symbol lighting fixture that is above the TV. I think I could totally live there! I'll just sleep on the couch, don't worry about me, ha! Thanks for sharing these pics Jason & sorry it took so long to get them up here. If any other Bat-Blog Fans have similar photos to share then please send them today!


Anonymous said...

Cool set up. Where did you get the Batlogo light up the tv? Is that custom (one of a kinda)


tomztoyz said...

Thanks Brian,

But this isn't my room but a reader of the Bat-Blog. The Bat-Shaped Light is custom-made.

Oh Man, I wish they sold it in stores, I'd get one, ha!