January 13, 2011

Cool Vintage-Style BATMAN 3D T-Shirt on Sale at JC Penney

This is just a post to share some news I heard last night. The rumor goes that J.C. Penney stores have an extremely cool Batman T-Shirt that borrows graphics from the Vintage 1953 BATMAN 3-D Comic Book. I think it's only sold there as I have not seen it anywhere else. Plus, right now it's on clearance & you can get it for $9.99. I totally love the Retro-style graphics on this, it's great! Be sure to look at the actual comic book cover for reference, nice!


Garrey said...

I have this shirt. But my wife accidentally bleached it :( Now it's pink. Boo.

Jamdin said...

That would be a cool t-shirt. We lost our JC Penney store years ago.

I have awarded your blog a "You make me Scream!" award here.