January 30, 2011

BATMAN AND ROBIN Toys and Collectibles from the 90's

In the 1990's it was a great time to be a Batman Toy collector. I mean, you had all the movies going on, and then on TV, you also had the wonderful Animated Series Cartoon. Shown here are a few cool toys & 90's memorabilia pieces picked totally at random. The 1st item is a very RARE 1992 BATMAN RETURNS Ralston Cereal Store Display Sign. Kids would have seen this at the Grocery Store & then start begging Mom, ha! I really like the graphics on this thing. Speaking of the cereal, the next pic shows a few BATMAN RETURNS Cereal Box Premiums that were available FREE inside the boxes! These are 3-D Flicker Bookmarks, meaning, you tilt them & the pictures change from one image to the other. There were 3 of them in the complete set: Catwoman, Batman, and The Penguin. Now the next photo sort of gets away from the movies for a minute. This is a Plush Batman Doll from 1994 ( 16" Tall ) that was tied-into "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" Animated TV Series. I love the old cartoon logo & the packaging is interesting with the "open box" design. Last, but not least, is a RARE 1997 BATMAN AND ROBIN Movie Store Display Sign from Taco Bell. It advertised the contest they had going on their Pepsi Drink products. Well, does any of these items bring back any memories? I know back then I was totally about the cereal, ha ha!

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Josh said...

I think I had the Batman Returns cereal when they made it. I have an even bigger plush Batman for the animated series. I'm not sure how big. I know it's over knee high to me. I remember the Batman & Robin cups at Taco Bell. I have the plastic ones.