December 3, 2010

Video - Jamie's First Word ( 1966 Batman TV Theme )

Here's a great video of an extremely cool kid. His name is James & his Dad caught him on tape saying his very first word... Batman! ( Thanks to his parents for sharing this ).

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!


Gavin Scott said...

Great site! I especially love how my mouse becomes the bat signal on the page...ha, ha! I love the kid whose first word appears to be batman (not sure I totally believe that - but it's still great.)

Pat Cashin said...

I'm his Dad and Jamie's first word most definitely was "Batman".

His brother Shane just celebrated his 8th birthday and his first word was "Batman" as well.

The show was on TV Land when Shane was small, it just started airing on The Hub and, thanks to TiVO, it's the first thing that both kids want to watch in the morning.

There is just something about that theme song that makes babies around here want to sing ; )