December 21, 2010

Photo Reference - BATMAN Memorabilia & Collectibles From Argentina

Just as the title of this post says, Here are some Reference Photos of Official BATMAN Memorabilia & Collectibles From Argentina. I also gotta say that these are all fully-licensed. Why do I say that? Well, if you visit an "online auction service" right now, & search for "Batman Argentina", you'll find a ton of really bad bootleg ( stuff people make in their garages ) merchandise. It's kinda sad & I just wanted to warn people about it. Some of it looks really good & that's kind of scary. Now, here's the deal on this real stuff: The 1st photo is a BATMAN Comic Book Reprint from the 1950's. Yes, it's made in a weird "sideways" format. But it's an officially licensed product & very cool. Plus, it's from the 50's!! The next pic shows three BATMAN Promo Glasses that came out during the 1989 movie. These were cross-promoted with Orange CRUSH Soft Drink. The last photo is a magazine titled "Eneracion X". It's from 1995 & features a story on U2's music in the Batman Movie Soundtrack. Yes, that's Bono on the cover, as the Devil! Now, don't all of these look like something that would be hard to reproduce? I'm not trying to lecture people. I'm just asking everyone to please use common sense & do not support these evil bootleggers.

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