December 14, 2010

Jason's BATMAN and JOKER Toy Collection

Every now & then Bat-Blog Fans ( at least the ones that are smart & cool ) send us photos of their BATMAN TOY Collections & we always love to see them because it's always great to see other people's stuff. Here's some pics sent to us by our friend Jason & he's done a great job at displaying his toys & memorabilia. Now to be honest, he sent more pictures than this, but we have been having major issues with our email program so I grabbed all the pics I could get. But there's enough here to enjoy & there's plenty of eye candy too! Jason has a whole room dedicated to Batman with a lot of framed art & display cases. Basically, we're showing one wall with a cool BATMAN Comic Book Cover Puzzle that has been framed & a few shelves of Joker Toys, mostly from The Dark Knight movie but also a nice mix of other versions. The puzzle is a recent piece from none other than The Pottery Barn. Yes, a couple of years ago they created a few Batman Products ( mostly bedding ) & if you're a long time reader of the Bat-Blog you might remember our post about it. At the time I really wanted this puzzle, still do, ha! The other toys include a very cool Bat-Belt Replica, a Harley Quinn Barbie, a Joker PEZ Candy Dispenser, a few Action Figures, & some awesome HOT TOYS Figures! ( Thanks for sending these pics in Jason, you have got some extremely cool stuff here & I love the display action. )

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