December 6, 2010

The BAT-BLOG's Recent Technical Difficulties

OK, now I know most of my posts cover recent Batman News or talks about Vintage Bat-Toy Collecting or Brand-New Merchandise, stuff like that...but this is a personal message I need to get out to a few readers: If I have not responded to your emails then I apologize! The truth is, for the last month or so, I have been having some major issues with my ability to receive/send emails that I get through this blog. Now I have always, religiously, answered every single message I have ever got over the last 4 years of doing this site. Well, maybe 98% of them, ha! But it's something I seriously try to do. I really appreciate each & everyone. So, if you have sent emails recently with the feeling that I disregarded them, I apologize. Look, I'm working on the problem, it will be fixed, & everything will hopefully go back to normal very soon. In the mean time, please be patient. Thank You. Oh yeah, Please keep sending messages & I will respond when I can. ( One last thing - Just in case somebody is wondering, the above graphic is a photo of an Andy Warhol Pop Art Painting that I thought would be cool ).

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