December 10, 2010

Auction News - Batman Movie Memorabilia at Profiles in History

Next Friday & Saturday, December 17th & 18th, PROFILES IN HISTORY will be holding another of their famous "Hollywood Memorabilia" auctions in Beverly Hills, CA. This time they have some extremely amazing items up on the auction block: Original Puppets by Tim Burton from "The Corpse Bride", a Ton of "Blade Runner" Movie Props, Some items from "Terminator", & even "The Wizard of OZ"! But the best items for us Batman Collectors are some pieces from the "Batman Returns" 1992 movie & even one film-prop model from "The Dark Knight". In the "Returns" list there are many Conceptual Art Drawings, Danny Devito's Penguin Costume Pieces ( Umbrella, Monocle, Cigarette Holder ), & a 1/4 Scale Model of the Batmobile. The car alone is expected to bring $30,000 to $50,000 ( just a tiny bit out of my price range ). The "Dark Knight" item is the Garbage Truck driven by a Joker Goon. Well, not the actual "truck", ha ha!, but an extremely detailed model ( check out the pics ). There are even a few more items to numerous to list. So, here's a link to their website, just click HERE! Please keep in mind that Christmas is coming up & ANY of these items would make wonderful gifts... for me!

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