November 13, 2010

Video - BATMAN LIVE World Tour Press Conference

BATMAN LIVE is a new all action live arena show - with Batman and Robin fighting The Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, The Riddler and a host of other top villains. It begins it's world tour in the UK next summer, 2011. Watch The Star's exclusive chat at the world launch press conference, at DC Comics, New York, with Executive Producer Nick Grace, DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee and DC Entertainment's Chief Creative officer Geoff Johns.

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1 comment:

John F. said...

The first guy's comment that this is the first time Batman will be live on stage is wrong. Back in the 70's Batman & Robin were a large part of a live stage show along w/ Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman.

I went to the show as a kid and remember my dad saying I could meet Batman & Robin after the show. They were right there, and I completely lost it and cried my eyes out and couldn't go through with it.

As further proof, here's the souvenir book: