November 9, 2010

Stephanie's BATMAN HUSH Tattoo Art Photo

Check out this amazing Batman Tattoo photo sent in by our good friend Stephanie. She is also known, in many blog-writing circles, as "WITA". What does her nickname mean? It's the name of her blog: "What Is Techno Again". So, I was pretty surprised she got a Bat-Tat...but that's very cool. It came out really great! She explains,
"The tattoo is based on the Dustin Nguyen (one of my favorite comic book artists) cover of Detective Comics #846 with a little extra creativity on my part. As you know, the green necklace is Tommy's trademark of sorts / given to him by his mother before she died. The red and white "H" on the tattoo represents Hush's imitation and mockery of Robin (Jason Todd) in Batman: Hush ( Hush wears a red "H" on his costume )."
Steph, for a long time I have known you're a HUGE Dustin Nguyen Fan but this totally proves that! So, below your tattoo pic I posted this Batman-HUSH Wallpaper Background for you to enjoy. As you know, it's the original Nguyen artwork that your bat-tat is based on. Plus, thanks for sending in the pics... it's great stuff & your INK looks awesome!

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ozz said...

Unique idea for a tattoo, which is always a plus!