November 21, 2010

New ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Character Glass - Batman Toon Tumblers

This brand-new Character Glass of ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER just hit the market & like all the other glasses from this series will probably sell-out pretty soon. I love that they devoted a glass to Batman's partner. The graphics are really great! On the front is the image you see up above & on the back is the ROBIN "comic book logo". Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that the glass is totally clear but in this photo a piece of white paper was put inside to allow the image to be photographed. So, it looks a lot more cool than the dumb photo. This glass, of course, is one of the "Toon Tumblers" in the DC Comics line. So far they have made Poison Ivy, Joker, Harley Quinn, etc...Let's hope that they eventually make glasses of every single Batman character out there, ha ha! For more information be sure to click the link down below.



AlĂȘ said...

When I was a kid I had a glass with just that picture by Garcia-Lopez! I so need to buy this.

John F. said...

Nice, I bought this and the Joker one a couple of weeks ago. They're nice, thick pint glasses.

What I love is that they are the same images and logos used on the cards of the old 80's Super Powers toys.

However with these you have that "R" behind Robin and a ring of "HaHaHa"'s around The Joker.

Never saw that Robin logo anywhere but the Super Powers toy and this glass.

david_b said...

I WISH they'd do a Cardy Titans retro one.. THANK YOU for posting this. ALWAYS a huge Robin fan, I have to have this..!!

The Joker one sounds great as well.

Love checking this site each morning..!!