October 5, 2010

Vintage Photos of BOB KANE, Co-Creator of Batman

If you're a real Bat-Fan then you know about the debt we all owe Bob Kane. I mean, he "created" Batman, our favorite superhero! So, here's a few vintage photos of him. The 1st one is sort of a fake promo showing him "painting" a Pop Art Masterpiece with a model dressed-up in a Catwoman Costume...MEOW! The next one is more candid ( real ). This is an original photo taken by a fan at a 1970's Comic Book Convention. I think the year was 1973 & you gotta love that groovy purple silk shirt, ha! Of course he's holding up an issue of Batman #1. I thought I would post these because they're images you don't usually see of him. If you know of any other ones that are rare then please let us know.


Bill Finger Appreciation Group said...

I've never seen the 70's Con photo before... very cool!

David said...

Yes, it's a safe bet that out of any two photos, the one where Kane isn't painting is the "real" one. LOL

Gotta love how he puts his hand on his hip there; probably saw an artist do that in a movie once. I must admit it's a pretty good scam he's got going, though; convincing that girl to put on the Catwoman suit so he can paint a cartoon character in a vaguely similar pose! :-)