October 2, 2010

Vintage 1970's BATMAN Toys and Merchandise - ZOWIE!

The main focus of the Bat-Blog is to share the joy of collecting Batman Toys and Bat-Products, both old & new. OK, I know we also cover the TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies, Video Games, etc...but we're mainly all about being a collector. Now one of my personal favorite areas of collecting is the neat stuff they made in the 1970's. I was a little kid during that period so they have a lot of nostalgia for me. Plus, they made a lot of wacky items back then, ha! Here's just a small example: Check out this Original Batman PEZ Store Display Box. The vintage graphics are wonderful. Back in 1976 the PEZ company made a set of PEZ Candy Dispensers of Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, The Penguin, & The Joker. The cool thing, also, was that they had rubber heads ( instead of the regular hard plastic ). Today, these babies are extremely hard-to-find! Plus, why isn't the Penguin shown on the box? Strange.The next item is RARE too. Here is a Batman Finger Puppets Play Set made in 1976 by Ideal. Basically it was a set of molds where you could make some superhero character heads out of Modeling Dough. The next item is a Batman Toy Watch made by MARX Toys. It's from around 1977 & I totally remember having it as a little kid, ha! I have one of these in my personal collection ( but NOT in the original packaging ). The last item is one that I didn't even know existed until about a year ago & I've been a serious collector for 20+ years. It's a Batman L'il Zips Bat-Cycle made by AHI. OK, I knew there were one of these Bat-Cycles out there ( a larger one ) but this one is very small, a different scale. Hence the name, "L'il Zips". Someday this baby WILL BE MINE! I hope some of these pics bring back fond memories. I have a question...Do YOU have any RARE Batman Toys you would like to share? If so then please send us some pics today. Our email button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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