October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Town U.S.A. Does BATMAN and ROBIN Theme!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! These extremely fun photos are from our friend Chris, who lives in Illinois & every year they have what they call "Pumpkin Town U.S.A.", which is exhibited for a week around the city.The theme changes every year and for 2010 they chose to do "Heroes and Villains". Then, the local High School picked "Batman" as the theme for their display. Here are just a few examples! Check out this amazing creativity, I totally love this! They have made scarecrows of the Caped Crusader, Robin, the Batmobile ( ha ha ), The Joker ( both the comic book version & Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight movie ), & Two-Face!! Well, they have not made the complete costume for Two-Face yet but they have made the pumpkin head for him & you can already tell it's gonna be very cool. I love the photo where Batman and Robin are working out on the weight bench & Batman is spotting Robin, hilarious!! Also, the Batmobile ( Riding Lawnmower ) is great stuff!! I wanna thank Chris for sharing this wonderful story with us & taking the great pics....this is fun! Plus, This is just in time to wake-up the Halloween spirit!!

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ozz said...

Awesome stuff! I dig their spirit. It probably would've been very cool to see their display in person, but I don't live in Illinois. Cheers to them, though!