October 28, 2010

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is the Title of BATMAN Movie # 3

It's finally been revealed! The next BATMAN movie ( Sequel to The Dark Knight & movie #3 in the trilogy ) will be titled "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES". The Director Christopher Nolan was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times' HERO COMPLEX and besides getting the title to the next film we also got a little more information about the villain. Well, sort of. Christopher Nolan is extremely secretive about who the next villain will be but he did give a hint that it will NOT be the Riddler. He even confirmed that there will also be NO Mr. Freeze. As you can imagine this is driving everybody crazy & many are speculating either Hugo Strange or maybe the Black Mask. Another bit of news, good news I think, is that the next movie will not be filmed in 3D. So, who do YOU think will be the next villain? Please leave a comment here, or on our Facebook page, & let us know who you want to see.


Bob said...

Well ... I hated the first two movies, so I don't much care who the antagonist would be.

The whole idea of a 'reality' Batman is absurd -- and denigrates a great gothic character into Leathal Weapon in a Halloween mask.

vouszky31 said...

If it true that this is the ending of sequels, hope it may be a climax of all batman movies, although i hope there will be more batman movies coz i'm a really huge huge fans and batman never dies in my heart