October 8, 2010

BATMAN COSTUMES At The 2010 NYC Big Apple Comic Con!

I have been getting a few emails the last few days from our good buddy BatDave. Last week he went to the NYC Big Apple 2010 Comic Con in New York City ( Manhattan ). While there he got some extremely cool photos to share. So many in fact that I plan to spread them out a little bit. The Actors from the 1966 BATMAN TV Show were there, Adam West & Burt Ward, & he got some great pics of them. The '66 Batmobile car was there too & you can look forward to seeing it later on as well. But for right now, in this 1st wave, we get to see a few Cosplay people who all have totally amazing Batman-themed costumes. The 1st one is a 1970's retro-style costume, very cool! The others include a very cute Batgirl, a Batman Beyond Bat-Suit, a Custom Batman Suit ( very creative ), & even Deathstroke! This is probably one of the most fun things that happen at a comic book convention nowadays. You walk around the corner & BAMM!, there's the Caped Crusader, ha ha! I wanna thank BatDave for sending all the great pics because I know every Bat-Blog Fan will get a total kick out of them!


Billyman said...

That retro-Batman is me! I'm on the Bat-Blog YAAAAAY!!!

Steamblade said...

So refreshing to see the Bronze Age Batman done, especially without a rubber mask.