September 18, 2010

New BATMAN BATMOBILE TOYS Fron JAPAN - BOSS COFFEE Mini-Magnetic Pullback Premiums by Suntory

First off, I gotta say that I'm really excited about these wonderful new Japanese BATMAN BATMOBILE Toys & I wanna thank our good friend Kuan for letting us know about them. OK, in Japan they have a popular beverage drink called "BOSS Simple Style Coffee" and it's made by a company called Suntory. The cool thing is that they have 15 different BATMAN BATMOBILE Premium Toys to collect! 10 of them are magnetic mini-cars & 5 of them are the kind of toy cars you pull back & release them to go. Also, the magnetic ones can spin around on your can of BOSS Simple Style Coffee! The vehicles are super cute mini versions of all the different Batmobile cars from all the Batman movies. Well, except unfortunately they didn't make the 1966 Batmobile, but you get the idea! Here's the deal: To collect the 10 Mini-Cars you have to buy the individual cans with the premium attached to the top ( see last pic ). To collect the 5 Pull-Back Toys you need to find the 2-packs. Oh yeah! Now the 1st two photos are pics of the actual product. The rest are the sample pics from their official website. These pics show all the different cars & I totally love them! ( Thanks again Kuan! )

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