September 23, 2010

BATMAN Product Review - Bobble Head Nodder by NECA

Here at the BAT-BLOG I was recently contacted by one of the companies I help promote Batman merchandise for. They asked me if I would do a product review on one of the items they sell, that they would send me one. So, of course, my answer was, "Heck yeah!" ( ha ha ) But I told them that the danger would be that I would be totally honest about it. They were fine with that & told me that I could pick out anything from their website. Wow! Now that was actually pretty fun! The company I'm talking about is SUPERHERO STUFF. After scanning their pages I found this very cool Batman Bobble Head Nodder made by NECA. Overall it's a really excellent product. The quality is wonderful & the paint job is well done. I love this piece & I'm proud to display it in my collection. OK, now hold on, my main reason for this posting is to talk about this company. I know that some people might be cynical about a review when I'm sort of "getting paid". But not really, I mean, just go through the Bat-Blog Archives ( located at the left side of this page, near the middle ) & you'll see that I'm a very serious Batman Fan & Collector. I've been doing the BAT-BLOG for over 4 years now & I think I'm pretty dedicated. Plus, I'm NOT going to sell my integrity for a $20 item, ha ha! Now one of the early reasons I chose SUPERHERO STUFF to sell things is because I have bought many items from them in the past & they have always had really great service & their prices are very decent. They get your items to you fast & pack them very carefully. Plus, they're one of the few companies that are sort of "progressive". What I mean by that is that they're always adding fresh new product & keeping the website up to date. So, in closing: this BATMAN NODDER is extremely cool, I really like it. I also like SUPERHERO STUFF for providing my readers with excellent service. So, if you're in the market for some Superhero Merchandise ( T-Shirts, Toys, Belt Buckles, Graphic Novels, Action Figures, etc... ) then please hit them up. If you are not familiar with this company then just click the banner down below.

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