September 5, 2010

BATMAN FUNKO FORCE - DC Universe Bobble Head Figures!

Anyone who has been reading the Bat-Blog for any length of time knows I am totally goo-goo over Funko Toys, ha ha, so check these out! Here's some wonderful photos of the brand-new FUNKO FORCE Mini-Action Figures ( with Bobble Head action! ) that will be coming out! At first I was just gonna show the BATMAN & JOKER ones, because this blog is mainly about "collecting Batman stuff", but the others were so cool I decided to add them too, ha ha! The extras include: SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN, & AQUAMAN. Oh man, I am totally loving these cool new toys & the JOKER one has got to be my personal favorite, ha! I also like that they all sort of have a retro-look about them, like they're from the 1980's. For information on other Funko products featured at the Bat-Blog just click HERE!

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