September 13, 2010

BATMAN COSTUMES - Cosplay From Dragon Con 2010

A friend to the BAT-BLOG, named Stephen, was lucky enough to get to go to the DRAGON CON Comic Book Convention this year & he sent us these wonderful photos showing some of the cosplay people. The costumes are really great!! Shown here are Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, The Penguin, The Joker, & Green Arrow! Some are like the 1960's TV Show, while others are more Silver Age or Modern...I'm lovin' it! Seeing all these characters walking around has got to be the best part of going to one of these events, ha! ( Thanks Stephen )

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Mauled Vader said...

Hi Tommy,

You might know...that's me in the Adam West costume...and my friend, Brent, in the ~ Neal Adams version opposite the Green Arrow.

Speaking of Neal Adams, I also got to drive my friend's TV Batmobile in the Dragon*Con Parade!...
...and NEAL ADAMS was my passenger!
He had a BLAST!!!

You should REALLY try to make it to Dragon*Con someday! : )