August 24, 2010

Wacky Cosplay Fun Time at 2010 Comic Con International

Check out these extremely cool pics from our friends Josh & Jenn. This year they went to the Comic Con International in San Diego & they totally dressed-up for the occasion! Josh was Two-Face, Jenn was Poison Ivy, & their friends ( sorry, I don't know their names ) were Catwoman, Black Canary, & Batgirl ( or is she suppose to be Batwoman? ). Judging by the photos, it looks like they all had a total blast! These pics sort of crack me up because I know these people in real-life & it's a big surprise that they would go to this event, ha! But regardless, they all look really great in all their costumes. ( Thanks to Josh for sending the evidence ).

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Adam said...

Catwoman Is Beautiful!!